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I'm not scared

I'm not scared

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This is a health and makeup blog.
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I don’t think anyone particularly cares but I’m still around. Just not in the mood to be on Tumblr.



I think I’m great because I took my demons by their balls and destroyed them. I’ve killed my insecurities, I’ve left obesity and self-injury in the dust, and pre-diabetes and other obesity related health issues along with it. My single mom never went to college and declared bankruptcy and we’ve almost lost our home on multiple occasions, but I’m gonna be the first one to graduate from college, a good college, with a bfa, and with less than half of the average graduate’s student loans. I’m 22 with a car in my own name, not a hand-me-down or a gift from my mom and dad. I’m a manager at my job, I only make $9.25 hourly but I still walk away with over a hundred in tips most days. Whatever fake ass world I’m living in right now feels pretty good, healthy, happy, successful, and with a cute face and a great ass so maybe you should rethink your definition of the “real world,” sweet cheeks.